Remington IPL5000 hair removal system

Remington IPL5000 hair removal system

Click to buy Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System

Home body hair reduction system for men and women.

The Remington IPL 5000 Home Intense Pulsed Light is just the sort of highly polished mainstream product you would expect from Remington.

At six joules/cm2, it doesn’t claim permanent hair removal, but then it does say that after treatment the hair regrowth is finer. As a male user and after six months of whole body use, I can agree with that promise. Male hormone levels mean men need more power to achieve hair reduction than women do, so it takes really aggressive use of the Remington to see results.

The rapid fire mode of the Remington makes such use quick and easy. Just hold the button down and go. Of course rapid fire means rapid use of the lamp, which only goes 1500 shots before easy replacement. I went through 22 lamps in six months, almost one lamp per week.

Results: I didn’t want zero hair, just hair reduction. This did the trick for me. At first glance, my body looks hairless. But closer inspection reveals that I am still covered with fine hair everywhere. The pubic area doesn’t need shaving any more. At first glance it looks like I have shaved my pubes, but look closer and you see it’s not shaved — I’m just not very hairy. This solution seems a lot more natural, and requires no maintenance. I really love it!

If you feel you may need a more powerful unit, then the Cyden iPulse Boots Smooth Skin is a better choice at 10 joules/cm2 flash power, or the Viss IPL.

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  • Janosch says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely safe. I’m 17 and get it done. Though, since you are still grniwog (as am I), your hormones may change. So your hair may grow back. Though, I get mine done at Ideal Image and if your hair does grow back, you can go back at get it touched up for free.

  • Panama says:

    Only i-LIGHT Pro has ProPulse Technology with output parameters comparable to the best clinical machines and delivers results that last six months.* ProPulse effectively targets hair follicles to disable growth by putting out energy at optimal wavelengths, delivering energy deep into the skin to target the hair bulb while enabling the surrounding tissue to cool.

  • dieta says:

    So far, so good. I bought the Magic Touch before this and it broke on me after about six months. After a few months with the Remington, it still works great and is going strong.

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