Cyden iPulse Boots Smooth Skin IPL Permanent Home Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light home treatment permanent hair reduction for men and women.

This unit arrived in a carrying case with a handle. The model tested was the Boots store brand device.

At ten joules/cm2, this product is powerful enough to claim permanent hair removal.

The unit appearance is good, the build quality looks professional, but simple. There are no controls on the base except a button to select one of three settings for the type of skin, and a Ready/Standby button. The small hand unit has a fire button that lights up when the unit is ready to flash.

Several seconds are needed between each flash, which will seem very slow if you are accustomed to a unit such as the Remington IPL 5000 which charges within a couple of seconds. There is no auto-flash mode, requiring a new button press for each flash. But the lamp aperture is relatively large, so it doesn’t take long to treat an area. The lamp life is 10,000 flashes and is easily changed by plugging in a replacement hand unit.

Despite the large lamp aperture, the hand unit is smaller than other makes, which makes it easy to see what you are doing and precisely target the area of skin you want to treat, unlike units with a larger hand unit such as the Remington IPL 5000. The hand unit does get hot after a few flashes, and it will stop charging for a minute to cool itself down. The hand unit cord clicks easily into the base unit, but the cord is a bit shorter than one might expect.

The product tested was delivered with a power supply box whose connecter did not properly fit into the base unit. The slightest wiggle of power cord or base resulted in an unexpected loss of power. This was a surprising bit of shoddy finish to an otherwise technically well designed product.

The Cyden product line was purchased in early 2012 by Proctor and Gamble for worldwide distribution, and is no longer available under the Cyden or Boots brands. We will keep you updated when this great product is available under the new branding. In the meantime, you might want to consider the Viss IPL.

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  • David says:

    I bought the Boots Smooth Skin in London. They won’t ship outside the UK so I flew into London to get it.

    Back home, it worked about two hours and then broke. It won’t flash, the red light on the handle just blinks instead.

    Too bad. It seemed like a nice machine. Very disappointed.

    • Bur says:

      Hi, i am a guy, I just wanna ask if this also can be used in somewhere or near to our prviate part or let say in bikini area I really appriciate for sharing your/this videos. Im going to buy this product soon just to get rid this unwanted hair and of course to save.

      • admin says:

        Yes, you can use IPL for hair removal on those private parts, in both front and back. Follow the directions in the user manual. The Cyden is powerful, so use a low power setting if it hurts, or buy Emla cream to make your skin less sensitive so you can use the higher power.

  • Sarah says:

    The hair removal can’t call ietlsf permanent because your body is always changing they just call it permanent reduction. I have been doing it for 3 months at 2 weeks intervals and I have a definate reduction.

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